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Rhiezhalle Jhaine Caruana

Mantalongon NHS-ICT Box Model Sample

This is the sample Text Box Model

Please research more Box Model HTML tags and edit those tags.

Rhiezhalle John Caruana
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Paul Dreyfus
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First draft of XML intro

Here's a draft of that XML article. I'll be on the road but connected to e-mail. Let me know if it hits the right level (i.e., are major revisions in order?). If it's fine, proceed with editorial nit-pickery. -Tim

Faced with a tight situation, Sakata found a tesuji.

This sentence is in the content of an element whose type is "p"; the content is found between the start-tag and the end-tag. The paragraph has an attribute named "secret" whose value is "false". is an empty element, distinguished by the fact that it ends with "/>".

]> &toc; &chap1; &chap2;
]> The new &xml; standard is fully internationalized; the following are all examples of the digit "1": 1 (in ASCII), ١ (in Devanagari), १ (in Arabic), and ൧ (in Malayalam).
Reasonable HTML Some text, and I really don't want a line break between "line" and "break".

Here's a picture: