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Rhiezhalle Jhaine Caruana

Mantalongon NHS-ICT Box Model Sample

This is the sample Text Box Model

Please research more Box Model HTML tags and edit those tags.

Rhiezhalle John Caruana
Paul Dreyfus
First draft of XML intro

Here's a draft of that XML article. I'll be on the road but connected to e-mail. Let me know if it hits the right level (i.e., are major revisions in order?). If it's fine, proceed with editorial nit-pickery. -Tim

Faced with a tight situation, Sakata found a tesuji.

This sentence is in the content of an element whose type is "p"; the content is found between the start-tag and the end-tag. The paragraph has an attribute named "secret" whose value is "false". is an empty element, distinguished by the fact that it ends with "/>".

]> &toc; &chap1; &chap2;
]> The new &xml; standard is fully internationalized; the following are all examples of the digit "1": 1 (in ASCII), ١ (in Devanagari), १ (in Arabic), and ൧ (in Malayalam).
Reasonable HTML Some text, and I really don't want a line break between "line" and "break".

Here's a picture: